Technologies Developed for CO2 Applications
  • Extraction of Essence / Oils / Resins From Natural Botanicals
  • Extraction of Medicinal Herbs & Phytochemicals Enrichment Using Tandem Sfe & Sfc.
  • Extraction and Isolation of Piperine, Artemesinin, Thymol, Vanilin Etc.
  • Extraction of Antioxidants Like Lycopene And Astaxanthin.
  • Extraction of Natural Fruit Flavours
  • Extraction of Wine & Liquor Aromas & Flavours For Novel Food Products.
  • Deodorisation of Fish, Neem, Karanja, Seasme Oils
  • Removal of FFA From Edible Oils
  • Extraction of Pesticide Residues/Harmful & Toxic Materials From Food Ingredients Like Cerels, Rice Etc.
Extraction of Resins And Binders From Polymers And Sands
Continuous Sco2 Extraction From Liquid Feeds Instead of Distillation. Novel Process For High Energy Efficiency.
Removal of Solvent Residues From Active Pharma Ingredients
Enrichment & Concentration of Active Ingredients, Lycopene & Beta Carotene
Polymer And Metallic Foams Using SCO2
  • Micro And Nano Particle Formation
Hydrogeneation Under Supercritical CO2 Environment
  • Catalyst Regenration Using Supercritical CO2
  • Supercritical Fluid Extrusion, For Novel Nuetraceutical Food Products
Textile Dyeing For Polyester Based Fabric And Fibre ( Waterless & Pollution Free )
Supercritical CO2 Based Sterlisation And Deactivation For Long Term Preservation
Supercritical CO2 Based Explosion of Biomass
  • Supercritical CO2 Based Washing And Cleaning For Precision And High Value Items
Extraction of Heavy Metals Using Sco2 Process.
Purification of Water Treatment Resins Using Sco2 Process.