The Process
SCFE Process Schematic Diagram

SCFE Process Schematic Diagram

The Conventional distillation or extraction processes being used so far have some of the other drawbacks like thermal degradation, hydrolysis, etc. These drawbacks are overcomed in the SCFE technology.

As an alternative to conventional solvents, CO2 at its critical temperature and pressure exhibits different properties than of simple liquid or gaseous CO2 a super critical state or dense gas state. The closeness to gaseous state helps in better diffusion while the proximity to the liquid state helps in better solubility of the components to extracted. Liquid CO2 flows from storage vessel to extractor via high-pressure pump and a super heater to achieve supercritical state prior to entering the extractor containing the material to be extracted. The CO2 carrying the desired extract, is taken to the separator and by controlling temperature and pressure, the solute is removed from the CO2 which is converted back into gaseous state. The beauty of the process is at the time of separation of solute from the solvent, the temperature is lower than the extraction temperature. After extraction, CO2 leaves extract without any trace or residue. It doesn't degrade or Volatize the heat sensitive aroma, present in the material resulting in the exact being closest to the natural botanical.


Advantages of the process with Super Critical CO2
• Non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, colorless, easily removable, GRAS solvent
• No Hydrolysis or destruction of temperature sensitive active ingredients
• Lower levels of monoterpene hydrocarbons, better flavor and active ingredients
• Essential oil & the lightest fraction of resins
• Better stability in the formulation - longer shelf life for end product
• Reduced consumption resulting in effective economy
Why use CO, Extracts when they are "Expensive?"
• Closest to natural raw materials!
• No solvents! No Heavy metals!
• No microbial contamination!
• Difficult for "duplication" or "imitation"
• Economic benefits of 15-22% in consumption! Better Efficacy
• Natural Flavors
• Excellent fragrance for perfumery
• Pure ingredients for Herbal medicines and cosmetics
• Unaltered ingredients for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
• Active ingredients for Aromatherapy formulations